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[PIS 2021] PreviewIn SEOUL 2021' ended in great success, Gearing up for a post-COVID-19 rebound in business

Preview In SEOUL 2021' ended in great success,

Gearing up for a post-COVID-19 rebound in business


- Online/offline hybrid fair achieved 'the desired outcome' for both buyers and exhibitors


 □ 'Preview In SEOUL (hereinafter referred to as PIS) 2021', a major event hosted by Korea Federation of Textile Industries(KOFOTI, Chairman Lee Sang-Woon) representing the fashion and textile industry, ended in a great success on September 3.


  ㅇ It has been two years since the event was last held as PIS 2020 was cancelled due to the impact of COVID-19. As a hybrid exhibition to be held via online and offline in parallel, PIS 2021 garnered great reviews as it provided a precious opportunity to both buyers and exhibitors satisfying their needs to resume business which was discontinued in the midst of COVID-19.


'Eco-friendly' and 'collaboration' are now the hottest topics of the fashion and textile industry


 □ A total number of 221 domestic and foreign companies(407 booths) engaging in the fashion and textile industry attended PIS 2021 and they largely focused on unveiling textiles and fibers embodying values for the future of sustainability along with the eco-friendly trend across the world.


  ㅇ As the functionality was always the greatest priority of fashion and textile companies in the changing market environment, most of them presented recycling materials indicating their transformative change as manufacturers specializing in eco-friendly textiles.


  ㅇ For instance, TAEKWANG Industrial Co., Ltd. and Taehan Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd. depicted endangered polar bears with installations made of PET bottles known as one of the main culprits of environmental pollution, and which not only successfully delivered the message for the importance of protecting the environment but also effectively promoted their recycled eco-friendly brand, ACEPORA®-ECO.


  ㅇ Also, Hyosung TNC displayed clothes made of recycled PET bottles collected in Seoul and Jeju in collaboration with apparel companies including The North Face, National Geographic, PLEATSMAMA, etc. and TK Chemical Corp. launched a marketing campaign for its 'K-rPET' series, recycled yarns from PET bottles, with BLACK YAK.


  ㅇ Young Textile decorated its booth like a botanical garden with miniatures of yarns buried in the soil to introduce its biodegradable nylon, and Lenzing Korea presented its 'carbon neutral' certified products demonstrating the increasing interest of European buyers in 'carbon neutral' materials.


  ㅇ In the joint booth of Spinners & Weavers Association of Korea(SWAK), recycled denim, biodegradable cotton with improved functionality, and other recycled materials were displayed. Daegu Textile Marketing Center collaborated with streetwear brand FCMM to display their casual sportswear and attracted attention of visitors with an installation of small football stadium and FCMM's main model, popular K-pop boy band 'NCT dream'.


  ㅇ In addition, high value added products based on the benefits of traditional Hanji (Jirisanhanji), eco-friendly denim using a sustainable Modal fiber (Shinjintex), collagen fiber textile (Sammok Textile), and cooper infused yarn with anti-bacterial and anti-sweat functions leading to less laundry (Dawonandus) were introduced in PIS 2021 and the exhibition of such novel and promising materials were sufficient enough to make it look like a venue to compete eco-friendly textiles and collaboration displays.


Strengthening online PR activities and support for contactless marketing increases exhibitor satisfaction


 □ It was the first time that PIS takes the online/offline two track approach due to COVID-19. Thus, the organizer invented a series of activities for the success of the event including 'PIS Digital Show' in parallel with offline exhibition, business meeting with foreign buyers via video conferencing and meeting with US buyers by designated agent live streaming of the exhibition in YouTube channel. Also, it strengthened online PR activities and supported the exhibitors as they conducted promotional activities in advance.


  ㅇ As for the online exhibition titled PIS Digital Show, launched on July 23, approximately 5,000 visitors accessed the event including 1,400 viewers from 66 countries across the globe before the opening of offline exhibition, and which contributed to increasing the number of buyers to attend the offline event. As for the offline exhibition held for three days from September 1 to September 3, about 6,000 people visited the venue, achieving more than expected outcome thanks to active participation of buyers.


  ㅇ Business meetings with foreign buyers from the U.S, France, Italy, and others were held online during the exhibition. Approximately 90 meetings were held in participation of 22 exhibitors and 38 foreign buyers.


  ㅇ Foreign buyers attending the video conference including Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, etc. met with representatives of ModaCrea Inc. Woojoo Global, Daehyun TFC. They were particularly interested in elastic stretch fibers made of recycled yarn for sportswear, premium print textile, fleece, and others.


  ㅇ For those who were difficult to have meetings with buyers in real-time due to the time difference, staff members of New York office of KTC met with the buyers on behalf of them. Products of 13 domestic companies were sent to the office before the meeting for business matching, and the staff members held meetings in substitute. There were 23 meetings with 15 global buyers in total centering on the Americas including Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, DKNY, etc. and PIS plans to continue to track and monitor their performance as follow-ups.


 □ In the meantime, a series of events planned to seek ways for coexistence of the fashion and textile industry that is facing a tremendous difficulty due to COVID-19 accomplished the desired outcome.


  ㅇ ‘Fabric inventory special fair was designed to provide an opportunity to sell quality fabrics of 56 companies at a reasonable price so that they can pioneer a new market to meet domestic demand. It can also serve as a chance for apparel companies to reduce the cost of raw materials.


  ㅇ From the textile company-designer brand collaboration display, which was prepared to interpret eco-friendly materials of textile companies from the view point of designers and unveil various items, inspired buyers inquired of materials and chances of developing designs and sell products jointly.


 □ Exhibitors and buyers were highly satisfied with PIS 2021 that came back in two years and gave favorable reviews such as well-organized content and layout of exhibition halls, eco-friendly materials with various options, and effective pre-marketing


 □ A fashion and textile industry related staff said We hope that PIS 2021 served as a venue for business of fashion and textile industry that was discontinued due to COVID-19 for a long time. We will work hard to reinforce the contents further so that PIS can take a leap forward as a representative hybrid exhibition held in both online and offline.


 □ PIS 2022 is scheduled to be held from August 24(Wed) to August 26(Fri) in Hall A, COEX, and the entire streams of fashion and textile industry will attend to present the latest trends and technology.


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