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: 관리자 : Mon, 24 July 2023, 12:00 AM

[PIS 2023] 'PIS Digital Show' Opens, Providing a Glimpse of Global Fashion Material Trends

'PIS Digital Show' Opens, Providing a Glimpse of Global Fashion Material Trends


Enhancing Business Performance through O2O (Online to Offline) Global Textile Marketing Support


The Korea Federation of Textile Industries, led by Chairman Lee Sang-woon, has opened the "Online Exhibition Hall (PIS Digital Show)" of 'Preview in Seoul(PIS) 2023 ,' aligning with the trend of exhibitions being held concurrently both online and offline. The federation is expanding promotional efforts and pre-marketing support for participating companies through this online platform.


· Recently, major global overseas exhibitions such as Milano Unica’s Connect, Première Vision's Marketplace, and Texworld's Foursource have been simultaneously holding offline exhibitions and online exhibitions/sourcing platforms, leading to business expansion beyond the constraints of time and space.


The online exhibition hall (PIS Digital Show), accessible through the official PIS website (www.previewinseoul.com), is divided into Online Showrooms for participating companies, Product Viewing/Search, and My Favorite Products/Companies. It offers digital content, including over 2,100 photos, videos, and 3D lookbooks of raw materials, fabrics, components, and finished products.


· Particularly, the user interface (UI) has been designed for ease of use, enhancing the accessibility and convenience of the online exhibition hall. It also strengthens communication with buyers by integrating online information with offline meeting requests, product inquiries, and sample requests.


The major participating companies of 'PIS 2023,' which can be previewed through the online exhibition hall (PIS Digital Show), are showcasing core materials that will elevate future values under the theme 'Dramatic Core.'


· In the Circular Core theme, companies such as TAIHAN TEXTILE Co., Ltd., SIN HAN SPINNING & TEXTILE Co., Ltd., ORGANICKOREA Co., Ltd., WHITETEX, AZTECH WB Co., Ltd., GRUBIG Co., Ltd., and WOOJEONG CORPORATION are introducing materials centered around organic materials that sustain the natural ecosystem, including organic cotton and ethical viscose rayon, as well as wool, linen, hemp, and more.


· Under the Hi-Per Core theme, companies like HYOSUNG TNC, TAEKWANG INDUSTRIAL / DAEHAN SYNTHETIC FIBER, SEOWONTECH Co., Ltd.., KORECO Co., Ltd., SS TEXTILE INC., SHINHAN Co., Ltd., SHINPUNG TEXTILE Co., Ltd., and ONECHANG MATERIAL Co., Ltd. are presenting the latest functional materials that upgrade the values of lifestyle, including recycled and biodegradable yarns, cooling and heating fabrics, water-repellent and waterproof materials, and jersey fabrics for athleisure.


· The Craft Core theme focuses on decorative surface effect materials that can appeal to artistic sensibilities, featuring vintage washers, chiffon, yoryu, jacquard, tweed, lace, faux fur, and fleece, with the participation of companies such as K-ONE TEX, JUNG AN SYNTHETICS FIBER Co., Ltd., STYLEM KOREA Co., Ltd., BAEKSAN JACQUARD Co., Ltd., SUNG SHIN R AND A Co., Ltd., and NAMYANG IND. Co., Ltd.


· The Rising Core theme introduces materials that have recently gained attention and market interest due to their ethical processes. These materials include ethical leather and denim, sustainable vegan leather, and recycled denim, with offerings from VEGATEX KOREA Co., Ltd., DAEJIN S&T Co., Ltd., DUKSUNG INCO Co., Ltd., GREENCONTINUE, WOOWON UMF Co., Ltd., and LENZING KOREA Co., Ltd.


As soon as the online exhibition (PIS Digital Show) opened, it attracted active participation from overseas buyers with substantial purchasing power from the United States, China, India, Japan, and other countries, starting from July 14. Domestic buyers also actively joined the online exhibition hall tour.


· Buyers can search for products they want to source online in advance, and reserve meeting times with participating companies, allowing them to efficiently and comprehensively consult when visiting the offline exhibition hall.


Registration for exhibition visitors, both online and offline, is available through the website. The online exhibition hall (PIS Digital Show) will be operational from July 14 to the end of December, while the offline exhibition will take place from August 23 to 25 at COEX A, B1, and E Halls.


· Meanwhile, the Korea Federation of Textile Industries plans to provide close-knit services to expand overseas buyer participation through collaboration with renowned international forums, discover and match potential buyers using big data, and enhance business opportunities and consultation results.

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