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[PIS 2023] 'Preview in Seoul 2023' Concludes Successfully

'Preview in Seoul 2023' Concludes Successfully,


Establishing Itself as a Leading Global Exhibition for Eco-friendly and Digital Innovation


The Korea Federation of Textile Industries (KOFOTI), led by Chairman Byung-oh Choi, successfully concluded the largest domestic textile and fashion exhibition in Korea, "Preview in Seoul 2023 (PIS)" on August 25th.


· This year's exhibition, with the participation of 507 companies from 14 countries (746 booths), marked the largest scale in history. Throughout the exhibition period, it attracted over 12,000 visitors, solidifying its position as Asia's premier global exhibition.


Many buyers who visited the exhibition engaged in meaningful and substantive consultations with participating companies, showing high interest and response, especially in eco-friendly and high-performance materials.


· Patagonia's headquarters buyer showed interest in eco-friendly materials like recycled yarn that aligns with the unique philosophy of the global outdoor brand. They also paid attention to Korea's recycling systems for PET bottles, fishing nets, and garment recycling processes. They discussed potential future transactions and in-depth meetings with eco-friendly material companies such as HYOSUNG TNC, LEEJO TEXTILE Co., Ltd., and DONG JIN INTERNATIONAL Corp.


· The sourcing manager from Supreme placed orders for high-performance fabrics and eco-friendly items based on demand for outerwear functional fabrics, fleece, Faux Fur, and eco-friendly materials. They visited booths such as ONECHANG MATERIAL Co., Ltd., SHINJINTEX Co., Ltd., YOUNGTEX Co., Ltd., SUNG SHIN R AND A Co., Ltd., and DUKSUNG INCO Co., Ltd., among others.


· Hugo Boss's sourcing manager visited GREENCONTINUE, seeking consultation on products with both scratch resistance and moisture absorption features among globally certified eco-friendly fabrics. They also inquired about the development status of PLA fibers, which have future potential, and references for finished product applications from PLA specialist company CORESHTECH Co., Ltd., although PLA application in clothing products is not yet widespread.


· Leading Korean outdoor brands, K2 Korea Co., Ltd., Youngone Outdoor, and Nepa Co., Ltd., held consultations with companies like SPORIC Co., Ltd., TEXLINE Co., Ltd., HEYONE Corp., and WOOJOOGLOBALl Co., Ltd., focusing on planning and ordering for the next season, with an emphasis on high-performance fabrics for outdoor wear with moisture resistance, waterproofing, anti-dust, and windproof features.


· In addition to these interactions, major global companies such as Shenghong Group and Hengli Group from China, Everest Textile Co., Ltd. from Taiwan, and Kohinoor Mills Ltd., Pakistan's largest textile company, introduced various raw materials and fabrics. Switzerland's Dimpora showcased environmentally friendly membrane products, demonstrating the global nature of the exhibition.


During PIS 2023, a fashion show collaborated on by participating material companies and famous Korean designers Kwang-hyo Chang and Hyun-joo Kwak was conducted. The "Digital Fashion Pavilion" presented the future vision of the textile and fashion industry fused with digital elements. The "Startup Pavilion" created opportunities for young designers to expand their businesses.


· The "Creative Walk" fashion show featured works created by designers Kwang-hyo Chang and Hyun-joo Kwak using materials from 30 eco-friendly certified companies. Renowned singers Bada and Jong-hyuk Jeon graced the event. The "Creative Works" business matching event introduced the fashion show's pieces and materials to numerous buyers who visited the showroom.


· Notably, the "Digital Fashion Pavilion" offered various DX fashion experiences, including a 3D brand showroom, AI and AR filters, and virtual fittings, through collaborations with 14 companies such as Clover Virtual Fashion Co., Ltd., Adobe, KT Corporation, Kolon FnC (HEAD), LF (HAZZYS), Kakao VX (Kakao Friends Golf), and Youth Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.


· The collaboration between STYLENET, operated by KOFOTI, and Brother Korea (HYUNWOO INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd.) allowed visitors to create custom T-shirts on-site using AI artwork generation solutions and Direct To Garment (DTG) garment printing equipment. This event drew significant attention from over 1,000 visitors who actively participated in creating their unique artwork T-shirts over three days.


· Furthermore, the exhibition highlighted the participation of online fashion platforms and fashion tech companies, such as MODOONEW, Korea's first B2B fashion funding platform, and FASHION ROBOTICS, which develops artificial intelligence fabric inspection machines.


· PIS 2023 also featured 11 emerging designer brands at the "Startup Pavilion" leading the way in sustainable branding. Simultaneously, the "2023 Trend Fair," organized by the Korea Fashion Industry Association, offered a one-stop sourcing opportunity from materials to brands, firmly establishing itself as a comprehensive textile and fashion exhibition.


Buyers who attended PIS 2023 praised the forward-looking exhibition configuration that encompasses textiles, fashion, and digital technology.


· Linda, responsible for product development at Lululemon, noted that compared to previous years, there was a significant increase in participating companies, providing an opportunity to experience various elements, including textile materials and new aspects like digital fashion.


· Luca, responsible for materials R&D at Diesel SPA, appreciated the exhibition for presenting a rich array of fabrics and various finished products during the show. He believed it was an excellent opportunity to gain many ideas.


· Alicia from American Eagle Outfitters emphasized that, in the past, they prioritized sourcing in China, but through PIS, they recognized Korea as the center for Asian sourcing for fabrics, bringing together fabrics from Korea, China, and Taiwan.


· Geza from Euroglobal Trading highlighted that PIS 2023 allowed them to explore a variety of eco-friendly materials and mentioned plans to collaborate with participating companies from the exhibition for next season's planning.


On August 23rd and 24th, a global seminar program was held, addressing post-pandemic changes in consumer behavior, market dynamics, circular economy, and digital transformation technology. It attracted numerous participants, including domestic and international experts.


A KOFOTI representative expressed hopes that PIS 2023 has been beneficial for the export and domestic activation of the textile and fashion industry, and they intend to continue enhancing the exhibition with innovative content to establish its position as a leading platform for global business opportunities.


Additionally, "PIS 2024," scheduled for August 21st to 23rd next year, will be held in COEX Halls A and B. It will serve as a global textile and fashion network, showcasing the latest trends and technologies across the entire textile and fashion supply chain.

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