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    • Brother GTX
    • Hotronix heatpress
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  • Company Introduction Printsystems is committed to providing a total solution for DTG (Digital to Garment), which is in digital garment printing area. Cooperating with GT series, DTG pinrter made by the global company, brother, we uses pretreatment machine, pretreatment liquids and heat press dryers to develop the digital garment printing sector that is part of the textile industry. This is provided to various companies such as Nike, Fila, CJ E & M and Kakao Friends. Printsystem is also sole distributor of Garment Printer, GT series in Korea. Companies in the world have figured out how to handle digital textile printing with us since we are developing the machines and liquids for pretreatment by our own technology, which is widely used all over the world and has been fully recognized.
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